I UK [bɜː(r)n] / US [bɜrn] verb
Word forms "burn":
present tense I/you/we/they burn he/she/it burns present participle burning past tense burned or burnt UK [bɜː(r)nt] / US [bɜrnt] past participle burned or burnt
1) [intransitive] if a fire or flame burns, it produces light and heat

A fire was burning in the hearth.

The flames seemed to burn even brighter.

a) [intransitive, usually progressive] if something is burning, it is being destroyed or damaged by fire. You can also say that it is on fire

Homes were burning all over the village.

The truck had been burning for some time.

b) [transitive] to damage or destroy something with fire

Demonstrators burned flags outside the embassy.

burn a hole in something:

The cigarette burnt a hole in her blouse.

burn something to the ground (= completely destroy it by fire):

The city of Tortona was burnt to the ground.

c) [transitive, usually passive] to injure or kill someone by setting fire to them

According to early reports, many people were burnt to death in their beds.

2) [intransitive/transitive] if food burns, or if you burn it, it gets spoiled by being cooked for too long or at too high a temperature

Have you burnt the toast again?

a) [transitive] to injure someone or a part of your body with something hot

The sand was so hot it burnt my feet.

b) [intransitive/transitive] if your skin burns, or if the sun burns it, it becomes red and painful because of the heat from the sun

Wear a hat so you don't burn your neck.

4) [transitive] to use something such as petrol or coal to produce heat or energy

Jets burn less fuel the higher they go.

You're not allowed to burn coal in this area.

5) [transitive] to use fat or energy in your body

To change your body shape you need to burn calories.

fat-burning exercises

6) [intransitive/transitive] if a chemical burns something, it damages it by destroying the places it touches

The acid had burnt a hole in my sweater.

a) [intransitive/transitive] to produce an unpleasant stinging feeling on your skin

The antiseptic really burned when I rubbed it on.

b) [intransitive/transitive] if alcohol or spicy food burns, it produces an unpleasant stinging feeling in your mouth and throat

The whisky burned his throat as it went down.

8) [intransitive] to feel a very strong emotion or a great need for someone or something
burn with:

I was burning with curiosity, but didn't dare ask what happened.

burn to do something:

I was burning to know how he had got on in New York.

9) [intransitive] if your cheeks are burning, they are red, especially because you are embarrassed
10) [intransitive] if a light is burning, it is switched on

Sara left all the lights burning.

11) [intransitive] informal if a vehicle burns somewhere, it goes there very fast
12) [transitive] computing if you burn a CD-ROM, you put information onto it

be/get burned — to suffer by being treated badly, especially in a relationship; to suffer by losing money, especially in an unsuccessful business deal

musicians who were burned by greedy record companies

burn your boats/bridges — to do something that makes it impossible for you to return to the situation you were in before

Be polite – you don't want to burn your bridges with her.

Phrasal verbs:
ear, money

II UK [bɜː(r)n] / US [bɜrn] noun
Word forms "burn":
singular burn plural burns
a) [countable] an injury that you get when something burns your skin

He suffered burns to his face and hands.

b) a mark that appears on something when something burns it

There were cigarette burns all over the carpet.

2) the burn
informal a hot feeling in your muscles that you get when you do hard physical exercise
3) [countable] British a small stream, especially in Scotland

English dictionary. 2014.

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